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Data Center Specialists (DCS) is the leading data center environment maintenance provider that offers the unique service of providing specially trained specialists to maintain the cleanliness and environment of your live data center with absolute zero downtime.

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Read up on important papers that we deem worthy of your perusal. Research on Data Centers are prevalent in the industry in ensuring that technological breakthroughs exist for the advancement of technology. Check out our Latest News to find one more!

Our Journey

Data Center Specialists has been providing service to a spectrum of clients from government sectors to public sectors and listed customers in telecommunication, hosting, server, cleanrooms, bank, petroleum and chemical. Data Center Specialists has gone a long way from maintaining just 95,000 sq ft in 2009 and an increase of more than 300,000 sq ft in 2011, and still going, with clients signing on for up to 5 year contracts. We continually update ourselves on the latest and best technologies to advice our clients on running their data center with maximum efficiency.

We will maintain a high level of ethics, teamwork, and professionalism, while demonstrating a caring attitude toward employees and customers.

We put customers first, exuding passion in what we do, with the aim to innovate. We believe in fostering teamwork as well as to go above and beyond. Transparency is key to staying atop in the industry and we wish to inspire.

To make Data Center Specialists the preferred partner for all data center related services and products by consistently delivering frequent, high performing services which offer excellent value.


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