TruTouch Smart Panel Display


Developing collaboration solutions that support the talents Connect, Create, Collaborate cost-effectively.

Built-In Apps: Everything you need to schedule meetings, manage e-mails, save and open files with the cloud and work on documents, all with Newline’s built-in appls. Collaborate locally and remotely easily.

Cast: Present wireless from any network with a single click. Share video, links, and files from any device.

Broadcasts: Broadcast content or present wirelessly from a personal device, and invite up to 200 participants to connect from their own.

Display Management: Centrally manage and deploy apps, configure settings, use digital signage and broadcast messages to all your Newline displays.

Launch Control: Enable the proximity sensor to quickly launch your calendar, meetings and preferred on-screen applications as soon as you reach the display.

Workspace: Collaborate, annotate, and co-edit documents with colleagues in different locations through video-chat, whiteboard and document editing.