i-Smart Cabinet




Gas Fire-Extinguishing System: 1U rack mounted HFC-ea system release automatically when reach melting point.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor: Accuracy > +0.1 C, anti-interference.

Smart PDU: GB standard vertical mounted with height 1U.

Smart UPS: 3-20kVA efficient UPS, rack-mounted.

Air Condition: Rate 3.7KW, DC inverter frequency compressor, R410A Refrigerant 5U rack-mounted.

Intelligent Bullet Door System: Magnetic lock + Power lever.

Distribution Module: Light protection lever C, rack-mounted.

Atmosphere Lamp: Red and blue lamp, red alarm, normal blue.

Cabinet System: 19 inch standard cabinet, full sealed on front and rear.

Smoke Sensor: Smoke sensor, dust prevention, moth proofing.

Card Reader: Fingerprint + password + MAG card.

Touch Color LCD: 7 inch LCD, detect the status of each part, built-in alarm help page, monitor system is open.

Battery Pack: Multiple rack back-up, rack mounted.

Liquid Leakage Detect Module: Liquid leakage detection, sensitivity adjustable.