Data center specialists offer world-class facilities and carrier-independent high-bandwidth connections in a secure and resilient environment. Data center services are available worldwide. We provide a wide variety of managed solutions to various customers, ranging from small companies seeking low-cost collocation or web hosting to large enterprises wishing to use our substantial data center infrastructure and resources.

For our customers, we offer a flexible, end-to-end platform, unmatched execution, dedicated support, and performance-based guarantees to ensure that our solutions meet their specific operational needs.

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Data center planning and pre-designing

We begin by estimating how much space you will use, not just today, but also the next day, the following month, and the next year as well. The mechanical systems, which comprise the cooling, electric, and power systems, are the following systems to be discussed. After examining all of your options with you, we provide a recommendation for what we feel to be the best answer.

There are many other considerations to consider, and one of the most important is load density, or how much power you’ll need. Once you’re up and running, accurate calculations translate into increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

Data center

Data center Relocation, coordination, and implementation

Essentially, a data center relocation is the physical movement of your current data center equipment to a new location, which might be a separate room inside the same structure or a different geographical location altogether. As part of this process, you will need to evaluate your future imprint in terms of its size, space between buildings (as well as ventilation and power load capacity).

 The planning, transfer, and transport of your equipment to its new location – as well as, most crucially, technical assistance to ensure that the systems are ready to be brought back online – will be handled by our expert data center relocation services.

Data center

Data center energy efficiency assessment

Data centers must protect sensitive and critical information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even though data centers are primarily concerned with storing and processing data, electrical power is not a primary source of revenue – even though it is one of the most costly components and must offer near-perfect availability.

 We have a complete line of Fully Integrated Power systems that provide maximum availability and reliability while meeting the specific needs of data centers of any size. These systems also save significant amounts of energy while delivering outstanding performance. The new data center consumes incredibly little power and has a negligible impact on the surrounding environment.

Data center

Data center power and cooling system analysis

We supply your mission-critical buildings with the most up-to-date thermal management systems and controls available, as well as the lowest operating costs and unparalleled knowledge in the industry. Provide your organization with heat management and humidity control solutions customized to the needs of your firm’s size, location, and goals.

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Data center facility disaster recovery

By providing solutions to limit energy usage, assure business continuity, and effectively utilize usually constrained financial sources, we make your development on the sustainable road visible and easy to accomplish, all while achieving compliance and progressing toward ESG compliance.

 We are designed with mitigating risk in mind, with several layers of physical protection, stringent authentication mechanisms, and total infrastructure redundancy as standard features. When you use our colocation services, you can rest sure that your purpose data is secure and that nobody else has access to your resources without your permission.

Data center

IT storage and data protection consulting

Our highly qualified specialists can provide comprehensive load profiling and report as part of our data center services, ranging from simple spot-checking to weekly data collection and analysis. Beginning with the fundamental concept and continuing through the finishing process, our strategy incorporates business and technology understanding to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

 We understand that failing to meet your compliance obligations might have severe consequences for your organization and its image. Therefore, our data centers are equipped with the necessary safeguards to help our customers comply with a range of regulatory and risk mitigation requirements. External auditors regularly evaluate our operations, safety, and information controls to ensure that we meet stringent data center compliance specifications.

Data center

Data center cleaning services

Whether it is a closet or a mega-center, your data center or computer room has to be cleaned regularly to maintain the equipment’s health, the health of the people who work there, and the area’s aesthetics. Our technicians provide three essential services, which may be performed alone or in combination, to ensure that your computer room runs well.

 These are the three services provided: construction cleaning, post-construction cleaning, periodic cleaning, cleanroom testing/certification, controlled environment, and interior equipment cleaning. Combinations of these therapies are often performed regularly, ranging from once a year to once a day, depending on the condition. In the outcome of floods or other disasters, these same services are given with slight alterations, as is preparation for installing equipment after a building project.

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