Data Center Renovation


is one path data center and IT managers can take to improve the performance of the underlying facility infrastructure to support IT load requirements, increase available space, and improve overall reliability of thier facilities. While most of the time renovating a data center may be less expensive than building new, it's still not unusual for costs to climb into the hundreds of dollars. Once preliminary goals are established for the renovation it is important to establish a realistic and thorough budget estimate.


more than 1/3rd of enterprises undertake data center renovation programs aimed at extending the life of existing data centers. Renovations typically address specific components in the facility to eliminate short-term issues such as power short-ages, space limitations, and cooling constraints. As IT infrastructure is upgraded from stand-alone rack servers to blade servers, the facility supporting infrastructure is not necessarily upgraded at the same time.


  • Meeting IT support requirements

  • Reducing risk

  • Providing adaptability and scalability

  • Improving maintainability and serviceability

  • Delivering a newly renovated facility which meets the engineered plans