Will be there with the most professional, highly trained Technicians, equipment and chemicals designed only for data center Environment, providing the safest and most effective method of cleaning and upkeeping your facilities

Comprehensive Cleaning Maintenance for Data Centers, Telco’s, Hosting, Call Centers
Airborne particle counts for ISO certification 14644-8
Environmental reports are included part of cleaning services showing progress before / after results (Client must allow DCS to take pictures during & after Cleaning)
Servers Checks Products & Softwares
Disaster Recovery Cleaning
Supplies of equipments and tools (HEPA vacuum, tacky mats etc)
Cable Seal Grommets (D’BRUSH)
Glass door replacement
Used equipment disposal with certifications
Cable mining / Splicing And many more
 These things could be happening to your facility

Improper chemicals or improper use of chemicals, can help create a static charge equal to the power of a bolt of lightning and send it surging through your precious data.

Floor tile separation from improper chemicals.
Rust caused from improper chemical use. These kinds of contaminants pose a serious threat to air quality in many facilities.

Why should I keep my Data Center clean?

A recent document by AFCOM tells us the cleanliness is not only important to data center continuity but also critical to data center safety. Read the excerpt below.


The goal of all data centers should be to maintain a clean and safe environment from hazards such as zinc whiskers, asbestos, dust mites and clutter. Certified professionals specializing in data center cleaning should perform regularly scheduled cleaning, both above and below floor. The longer your data center goes without a thorough cleaning, the greater the chance that debris will eventually get into the equipment. This can potentially cause an equipment shutdown and a disaster situation. Cleanliness translates into money saved by reducing downtime and hazards!”

AFCOM’s datacenter smart tools, Data Center Safety Handbook

AFCOM developed the Data Center Smart Tools (DCST) concept to provide the data center community with a series of handbooks pertinent to IT management… The goal of this program is to help streamline the problem-solving process for the busy data center professional through a unique set of industry guidelines, standards and best practices.

Make sure you check company references, and specifically ask about the quality of their service. You should specifically find a references or two that has facilities like yours. Make sure the company you might select knows how to deal with the type of equipment in your computer room.
Evaluate the experience and training of the cleaning crew and ask to see their credentials. There are certain standards that they should be trained and certified in.
You will want to look for a company who will be available to clean according to your needs. Perhaps in addition to your regular cleanings, will they be available in the event of a last-minute emergency?
Review their cleaning methods. You need to make sure they use HEPA filtration vacuums and all their chemicals should be safe for use with electronics systems and other hardware.
Tell them up front what your expectations are and establish parameters for cleaning. Who will move the equipment? Does the service including cleaning in the sub-floor or above the server racks? Perhaps there are certain data-sensitive areas of your server room. Will those areas be off-limits? What else is included or not included in their cleaning service?