Data Center Management & Consultation

Data Center Specialists is supported by a team of certified technical experts that have decades of experience in building and managing co-location and data center environments, from initial design & configuration, through to deployment and on-site support.

Design and Build Data Center

Data Center Renovation are one path data center and IT managemers can take to improve the performance of the underlying facility infrastructure to support IT load requirements, increase available space, and improve overall reliability of their facilities.

Data Center Specialised Cleaning

Data center and Data hosting facilities require specialised, programmed cleaning scheduled to maintain a spotless, dust-free environment. We offer the ultimate contamination control and maintenance program that can be tailor made to suit your most critical requirements.

Post Construction Cleaning

Data Center Specialists can help you reach critical project deadlines, ensure your facility is serviced to the highest standard required for operations and exceed your client's expectations. Our attention to detail and proven track record helps your data facility achieve a successful completion whilst achieving ISO14644 standard.

Server Racks & Interior Equipments Cleaning

Air cooled computer, network, storage and server equipment must stay clean of microscopic static charged dust, particles, gasses, residue and ferrous metals to reduce risk of downtime. Data Center Specialists can assist in removal of these contaminates from servers, tape readers and other sensitive electronics inside your cabinets.

Data Center Planning And Pre-Design

(Re)design data center based on our proven methodology and experience, taken into account all essential components like power, network, cooling.The goal is delivering design document usable for the planning & implementation of a (new) data center.During planning phase, project manager will construct an implementation project plan together with you, including milestones and deliverables.

Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessment

Energy Usage Assessments focus upon all aspects of the data center, computer room, or server room to assess opportunities for improvements to Energy Efficiency.

Data Center Site Assessment

The goal of these services are to narrow the scope, schedule, and budget for a particular project prior to the Design & Engineering, Procurement, and Construction phases of the project.

Data Center Security Posture Assessment

Our security services guarantee you an in-depth understanding of the current state of your systems’ security control, helping you identify security and privacy risks, compare current security state to desired one and improve your security posture.

Data Center Cost Estimating

Developing a budget for a data center, computer room, or server room upgrade or new build requires understanding an array of items related to the facility supporting infrastructure costs, mechanical & electrical design and engineering costs, commissioning costs, and construction costs.

Data Center Site Selection

Selecting a site for your data center presence is crucial for any business. It’s a long term decision that can cost a lot of money, time and resources. We will examine the factors that all businesses should consider. It will include considerations for both building data centers and colocating your infrastructure.

Data Center Feasibility Consulting

Specific expertise and experience is necessary to perform Data Center Feasibility Consulting and Studies. Most data center operators have expertise and experience in the Information Technology (IT) area in terms of network services, network engineering, network security, servers, desktop, storage, and other ancillary areas within the IT discipline.

Data Center Disaster Recovery IT Assessment Services

Data Center IT Disaster Recovery Assessment Services provide an analysis and assessment of client data centers, computer rooms, and mission critical facilities and their ability to withstand disasters from the perspective of IT network and systems performance. These services uncover risks and recommend improvements across the enterprise IT network.

Data Center Facility Business Strategy Consulting

Data Center expansions, consolidations, and relocations are expensive and, therefore, should be analyzed by trained data center design and evaluation experts for potential risks, hidden costs, and other items which can severely impact sound business decisions. Making the wrong decision regarding a Data Center migration strategy can negatively impact a business for years to come.

Data Center Audit

Data Center Audit (DCA) is aimed at reviewing the physical implementation of the data centre to ensure compliance to the standard chosen and to ensure proper workmanship. An experienced auditor will review on-site all the design documents and will review each area of the facility under scope. DCA is valuable for both newly built data centres as well as data centres which have been operated for many years.

Data Center Relocation, Coordination and Implementation

Services provide comprehensive site selection, planning, project management, and implementation services for clients in need of data center or computer room migration, whether due to business changes, growth, changes in IT needs or requirements, business relocation, or other strategic business reasons. Data Center relocations are expensive and require specific expertise and experience.

Data Center Raised Floor Cooling Assessment

Data Center Raised Floor Cooling Assessment provides a company with a non-biased, independent, assessment of the current data center cooling infrastructure performance as well as recommendations for upgrades and enhancements to eliminate scheduled and unscheduled downtime. The assessment includes a comprehensive computer room site inspection and report including a raised floor cooling assessment.

Data Center Accessories

Every data center is unique, and, as such, has unique requirements. Alongside the main components of a data center, there are many other factors that need to be addressed to keep things running smoothly, such as uninterruptible power, efficient cooling systems, and fire protection, among others.Data center accessories can help your data center’s daily operations run more efficiently and could help ensure the long life of your investment.

Data Center Power & Cooling System Analysis

Power & Cooling Systems Analysis methodology combines the engineering and technology expertise needed to ensure accurate profiling of the existing load, load requirements for current and potential future IT loads, and direct load bank testing using state-of-the art linear, non-linear, and resistive load banks. This results in accurate Key Design Criteria deliverables to support upgrades, replacements, or tuning of existing power and cooling facility supporting infrastructure.

Data Center Facility Disaster Recovery Plan for Business Continuity

data center disaster recovery plan for business continuity includes identification of the business units and operational objectives; identify & inventory and rank assets based on criticality to the business objectives; rank the threats that pose risks to the critical assets; identify the severity of vulnerabilities in the critical assets; prioritize risks by focusing on assets affected by credible disaster threats and existing vulnerabilities; develop strategies that minimize risk of disaster and maximize ROI.

Data Center Risk Assessment

Information availability is critically important in today’s fast-paced corporate world. The goal is to evaluation, planning and data center risk assessment services is to identify obstacles to and recommend solutions for redundant and fault-tolerant network & support infrastructure for mission critical environments. Our methodology combines the business and technology expertise needed to ensure customer satisfaction from concept through completion.

Data Center Decommissioning Services

While decommissioning a data center, decisions also must be made regarding which equipment, if any, can be reused in the new data center. Some of the equipment will need to be disposed of and/or destroyed (in the case of hard drives), and some of the equipment may be resold. These tasks alone present their own set of unique challenges, and require significant amounts of time and labor to find an appropriate facility, to decommission the equipment in question, and to transport the decommissioned equipment to the disposal facility.

IT Storage and Data Protection Consulting

IT Storage & Data Protection Consulting Services provides a comprehensive analysis of storage, storage area network, and data security within the enterprise network. These services include four key components: needs analyses for future storage area network design; site surveys of current storage area network infrastructure (if needed); storage area network assessments to analyze requirements against numerous designs, manufacturer solutions, and key decision criteria; and, planning to provide technology roadmaps, budget, and timelines for future design and implementation.