Server Racks & Interior Equipments Cleaning

Air-cooled server boards and other electronics in data centers are often the first "filter" air reaches from the subfloor and interior air. Cement dust, human hair and skin flakes, acoustical ceiling powder, drywall particulate, air handler belt debris, tracked in dust from shoes and clothes, and other contributing factors will lead to insulating blankets and bridges of dustand contamination on your sensitive equipment over time.

Air cooler computer, network, storage and sever equipment must stay clean of microscopic static charged dust, particles, gasses, residue snd ferrous mentals to reduce risk of downtime. Data Center Specialists can assist in removal of these contaminates from servers, tape readers and other sensitive electronics inside your cabinates.

If your data center environment is going to have construction or major activity in the room - a preventative cross-contamination plan should be put in place and managed before the activity takes place. Proactive preventative planning is essential to quality uptime operation.


Your servers and other power and electronic gear should be cleaned on the interior to avoid contamination issues such as:

  • Corrosion from Ionic Contaminates.
  • Number one cause of electronics failure.
  • Dirt & Dust are the most common contaminants.
  • Contamination Causes Heat Stress.
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)Reduced by 50% with each 10'C Rise.
  • Short & Intermittent Failures.
  • Metal.
  • Semi-Conductive Bridging.
  • Hard Failure.
  • Soft Failures & Data Corruption.
  • Fire suppression system failures.