Our Consultation Approach

Understand the situation

We understand that your IT operations need to be available for your staff, customers, vendors and partners - every second of the day. You have invested in an IT infrastructure that powers your organization, and you demand continuous performance with optimal uptime and mitigated downtime.

Independent Labs

Our staff, partners, labs and affiliates use a careful, pragmatic approach to investigate, gather data, analyze and resolve the most complex power quality problems.

Unbiased Problem Solving

We firmly believe that a consultant must maintain strict independence from manufactures to remain unbiased professional consultants.

Instant Networking with the Experts You Need

DCS utilizes the latest communication methods. In addition to our on-site consulting staff

Data Center Specialists Process

Level 1 - Decision Makers

The top of the pyramid consists of management, such as CIOs and other top executives, who decide on their IT systems’ business requirements.

Level 2 - Business Processes

The decisions from Level 1 will determine the choice of software applications – such as Oracle, SAP, etc. – as appropriate for the needs of the enterprise.

Level 3 - System Hardware

The software from Level 2 runs on IT hardware such as desktops, laptops and mobiles, supported by network servers (e.g. HP, IBM and Dell) and network equipment (e.g. Cisco, 3Com, EMC, etc.).

Level 4 - Mission Critical Foundation

The Level 3 hardware depends on Level 4 – the framework of power supplies, cooling equipment, raised floors, server racks, cable management and fire prevention.

Comprehensive Reports

  • Clearly Defined Issues

  • Outline of all Testing Methods and Instruments

  • Disclosure of All Findings from Testing Procedures

  • Comprehensive Conclusions

  • Unbiased Recommendations for Action